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healings on the streets

Many got healed by Jesus in Camberwell, London

Many people got healed and touched by God in Staines, Surrey

Words of knowledge
  • A woman’s left leg got healed after God gave a word of knowledge to someone in the team;
  • Many deaf years got healed;
  • Many people with back pain got healed;
  • A man in a wheelchair with a shaky painful limb received healing after prayer and stopped shaking;
  • A man with exotropia started to receive healing as his eye started aligning with the straight-away.

Powerful encounters with God


Testimonies about some of the people God healed as Carmen prayed for them as part of this ministry and outside of it. Praying for people and sharing the Gospel is part of her lifestyle as she lives her life led by the Holy Spirit. Many people got healed of different problems. Here are just a few of them.


She prayed for a man using a walking stick and he went away completely healed with no need to use the walking stick. He folded his stick and walked home without any pain.


When the surgeon wanted to remove her thyroid, she chose to believe the Bible more than the diagnostic received from the doctor. She prayed and believed that God healed her because the Bible says that Jesus bore our pains and diseases on his back. A month after her blood tests came normal and continued to be normal up to this day.


Many times back problems are caused by unequal legs. One lady, in particular, suffered from back pains and seeing one leg was longer than the other she prayed, commanding the short leg to grow in the name of Jesus. It happened exactly as I prayed and both legs got equal.


One time her mum fell and injured her knees. When she spoke to her over the phone she was in severe pain. She prayed for her and Jesus took all the pain away instantly.


Together with other believers, she prayed for someone’s friend in America who could not have a baby – she was trying for over three years without any success. Six months later they found out that she got pregnant soon after Carmen and other born again Christians prayed for her. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


Carmen prayed for two different women in different situations who used a hearing aid system to help them hear as they were deaf in one ear. They both took their hearing aid system off after she prayed for them and they heard perfectly normal after prayer. They left home with the auditory system in their pocket.


One time she prayed for a relative who had a bone coming through her palm. Nothing happened instantly but a week later the bone disappeared, it went back to its place.


A young lady from Carmen’s workplaces had a panic attack and was about to faint. She started feeling cold, with blurry vision and hearing blockage. Carmen prayed for her commanding the vision to come back, the ears to open and her entire body to be healed. Five minutes later she was back on her feet praising Jesus.


She prayed for many people suffering from headaches and migraines and God healed them. One lady suffered from migraines for over 6 months but Jesus healed her instantly and never had any problem since.

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