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 Jesus Reigns Mission (JRM) started in June 2020 when Carmen Lascu felt led by the Holy Spirit to organise an outreach in Staines knowing that God will send His co-workers to represent Jesus in the local community. God did what He said and one month later, in July 2020, 21 believers gathered in Staines to walk in love and power as they shared the Gospel boldly, healed the sick and cast out demons in the name of Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This outreach became a regular event in Staines and soon after that, God connected Carmen with other born again Spirit-filled believers with the same desire to reach the lost and see the sick healed by the power of God, so a network of followers and disciples of Jesus started to be created. 

Today we have a WhatsApp group of just over 70 believers, many of them actively reaching the lost with the Gospel and praying for people. They are independent groups who don’t represent Jesus Reigns Mission on the streets; they represent Jesus and their own churches or ministries. 

Contact us if you would like to connect with us and be added to this group. 

Since then, Carmen moved to Bath where she devotes more time to studying the Bible and bringing hope to people. She published a book of testimonies on Amazon (Click HERE to learn more) and is organising online events where various guest speakers share their testimonies to bring hope to other people.